The Government in 2071: Guidebook is intended to elicit diverse thinking and perspectives when looking at the future of government. Viewed as a guide, it paints the possibilities for the future of government across the next 50 years. Its purpose is to inspire
"The future is shifting humanity from a “problem-solution” to an “opportunity-exploration” paradigm, which is explored in this Guidebook. At the World Government Summit, we see that ‘human will’, led by successful global and national leadership, can preserve and strengthen humanity’s promise, and successfully explore the developing megatrends. What is needed is a guidebook to plan for the unexpected. After all, no one can predict the future, but 2071 is not far away, and today’s leaders can guide how we shape future governments." - Mohammad AlGergawi Chairman of the World Government Summit Minister of Cabinet Affairs & the Future
The Guidebook visualizes the projected view of future government interactions with citizens and other stakeholders through a concise look at key innovation megatrends affecting society and the economy of nations. Such trends are anticipated to bring about new eras focused on connectivity, exploration and techno-humanitarianism.
you can read the full guide here 

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